A Note On The Queen Of Commercial Dryers

If you have been in the dry cleaning business for, say, a period of ten to twenty years at least, then you may already be quite familiar with what this note shall henceforth refer to as the queen of commercial dryers and washing machines. All hail the queen! Long live the queen, and so say all of us. If this is news to you and you are only just venturing into the dry cleaning business, do make a point of inventorying Speed Queen dryers for your business.

New and established dry cleaning practitioners, also make a note that the queen’s successful reign would not have been possible without her devoted ladies in waiting and brave knights all dressed in fine uniforms and shining coats of armor. It is trusted that the symbolism of a well-known and trusted brand in this industry has been enjoyed thus far. In saying that, commercial dryers will be operating at full speed for extensive periods of time.

speed queen commercial dryer parts

Even to the layman and woman’s reckoning, your basement reservoir of regular and loyal customers, it will not be possible for you to make optimal use of your machines if it does not have the saving graces of a regular supply of speed queen commercial dryer parts. Further to that, it cannot be expected that any one of your trusted dry cleaning assistants will be able to do the parts replacements once a machine has broken down due to extensive use.

No, here you will be relying on a trusted source supplier with a ready to go army of qualified technicians who will be responding to your queen’s distress call. Do not let her castle walls be breached and arrange for the cavalry to be sent as soon as possible.