The Mugs And Beans That Are Now Personalized Issues

personalized latte mugs

Don’t touch that, it’s mine. Sure, you’ve heard that yell a thousand times over as you make your way through to the kitchen in the morning to fix your favorite cup of Joe. But what’s yours is mine, or so the saying goes. But still, isn’t it true that folks have become more possessive with their caffeine holding treasures as they pridefully refine their tastes with those sophisticated, state of the art, digital coffee making machines. 

Strong espresso or a creamy latte, you no longer have to wait until you’re downtown. There you still have to put up with a long and steamy queue, and what do you get, nothing but froth. Not good enough, folks. That’s why many of you are going in for your own, smart coffee making machines. You program the device just so. You time the device, do your quick shave or long make-up, and there you go, espresso or latte, ready to go.

But wait a mo’. That’s not yours, it’s mine. Leave it alone! Mine, mine, mine! Personalized espresso cups ‘n saucers and personalized latte mugs, if you please. Thank you very much. Now, isn’t that nice. Isn’t that much better. It’s your personalized mug, for crying out loud. But no more weeping going forward. Just a pleasant morning sunrise, a good sip, the latte done and enjoyed, and off to work we go. He goes his way, and she goes hers.

Customized cabbies too! Why not? Why can’t we all make our own personal statements? Why can’t we personalize those treasured, subtle, everyday items? Why not, indeed. What’s yours is definitely not mine. We all have our own tastes. So, while you jolt yourself alive with an espresso, they’ll be smooching the day off to a good start with their creamy, steamy latte.